Hey there, it’s been a while since I last posted a blog, but here it is!

I’ve been spending my last 6 months on an student exchange program at Assumption University in Thailand. The experience has been quite amazing however I can’t get quite into it yet! that’s for the upcoming blogs.


I’m here to talk about the end, yes, the very last bit of my exchange program. My internship! I was placed at a Marketing/business/media company ‘Lexicon’ which focuses on helping company’s create strategic media content to reach their targeted audience.


My role there was to be apart of the video production team. We would cover tasks from traveling to corporate interview shoots, to planning for short documentary series and editing the projects until it is ready to be delivered to the client.


The typical day, we would arrive into the office in the morning and be on our way to a shoot, in the afternoon we would be back at the office editing all the footage we had captured sometimes even until 9pm. A project’s edit can vary in time drastically, some could take days, some even weeks. The team at lexicon is very passionate and give it their best. I remember days where most of us would still be in the office 4 hours after work, even when it was our birthdays.


I enjoyed my time at Lexicon and would like the thank the team for this great experience. I have learnt a lot and hopefully get to work with each other again in the future.


Thanks for reading, subscribe if you would like to see more.

William Wei



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