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William’s recent film projects

Got to spend the first couple weeks of 2017 in Seoul, South Korea! One of the nations with the biggest Pop, fashion, gaming influences on all of Asia & even the entire world. Korea is truly one of a kind, Everyone dresses nicely, like literally, everywhere you walk, even the police force uniforms seem to be well tailored and serve both aesthetic & functional purposes too. To find out that stores & malls in Korea close at 5 IN THE MORNING! Some even open 24/7, and restaurants at 2-3am. Haven for shopping & late night snacks!

The First Video of 2017! Already crazy excited for this year, I was able to spend new years in Tokyo with family & friends. There is so much culture behind every country and during this Tokyo trip I was able to see how much sophistication the Japanese put into their work, whether it may be electronics, food, art, they create something that’s one of a kind. To be able to just slow down and observe the locals, how they live, that’s truly special and through this video you’ll be able to grasp these astonishing moments.

The last video of 2016, thank you for this amazing year and all your support! So grateful for everything that’s happened this year & cannot wait for 2017! Sharing some of the final days of 2016 with my family and friends cherishing what happened through 2016.

A week in Phuket, Thailand immersing ourselves into the culture & enjoying paradise while we can and making the most of it! A video of our adventure in a beautiful country.

My first trip to the 12 apostles and exploring the beautiful Victorian landscapes, passing through New South Wales Hyam’s Beach with the whitest sand in the world & the famous photographer’s hotspot Horse head rock & camel rock. A roadtrip with my siblings and friend Kimmy rolling our way through Australia is never a bad idea.

‘Dream where you are now’ is a short travel film based in Thailand accompanied by Alan Watt’s voice over about the idea of “happiness in a simple life” conveyed through the concept of having any dream you could possibly want, and what lies after you achieve that is truly special. The goal of the video is to show you how beautiful one’s life can be when you’re not in control, when everything goes wrong (rainy & windy scene) yet we still find the perks and happiness through the hardest times, by staying optimistic.

Ventures reminds William of his earlier half of 2016, capturing beautiful landscapes throughout Australia & New Zealand, facing risky situations are only part of the experience. To go out and take this daring journey will only surprise you in the end, worst is the regret for what you have not seen or done when it’s too late, this is what he stands by.

Sydney is a 9 minute long short film of the beautiful landscapes of in Sydney, Australia. Ranging from astonishing locations such as Seacliff Bridge, Port Hacking and Blue Mountains, these exotic places showcase some of the Australia’s best hidden treasures.

Travels is the first sequel of William Wei’s 2015 Vlogs, Throughout this video you’ll see the crazy fun moments that William has captured throughout the beautiful year of 2015. Having the time of his life with friends and family, William keeps this Vlog sequel as a reminder of his high school teenage life, with travels to stunning and romantic locations such as Paris, London & Belgium and of course his exquisite home Sydney.

Cruise is part two of William’s 2015 Vlogs, a beautifully planned holiday to the pristine islands of New Caledonia just off the coast of Australia. Travelling with his kindest group of friends around the untouched islands of Noumea, Lifou, Mare, and Vanuatu’s Port Vila. You definitely want to visit these islands when you can, Swimming in crystal clear waters and relaxing by immaculate beaches with pure white sand.

2015 is the last of William Wei’s Vlog sequel for 2015, Summertime madness, enjoying the beautiful beaches in Australia and holiday houses, jetsking, swimming, chilling with friends and family throughout the end of the year. Closing the year off with this last Vlog. Now not long till 2016 follows.

The Kolso is a Short film made for a school multimedia project which acquired the highest grade of Band 6. [Aim]: The story is written to create an new idealistic real life situation of a close friend who is struggling through school and battling depression, whilst attempting to motivate others out there and around the world which are also in a difficult situation with their future career paths. It is trailer within a film, Kolso which is the new upcoming film of the rising actor “Kelvin” who had issues with the path way directions he wanted to head in.

All Videos have been filmed & edited by William Wei with some assistance from friends.

Many more films & videos coming soon! Mean while, tune in to the regularly updated photography which William Wei has been focusing on. Thank you!