About me

Hi, I’m William, pleased to meet you.


I’ve always had a strong passion for arts ever since I was a kid, just looking at pictures & films back then would allow me to feel and sympathize with the characters/subject. As time went by, the stronger my interest grew for it, I would wonder how they could make something so beautiful and amazing, It was just fascinating, like being able to feel and see from another’s characters point of view in a story just broadened my mind so much.


This inspired and motivated me to think of the endless possibilities of  creating an entire new world from our imagination, our experiences, our creativity. Linking everything we know in life to form stories which we can share with others was just incredible, we all need to share and that is why we have art. But art comes in many forms, some of us are painters, some of us are writers, some of us are singers, some of us are even just conversationalist, we all express in different forms and being able to understand & draw out from other experiences only helps us improve our understanding of this world. That is why I chose film & photography, I want to be able to express my stories in a way which we can both see and hear that creates a strong connection with this world.

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But for some of us, we don’t always get to express ourselves, we have so many stories hidden deep beneath our skulls that we wish we could tell but there isn’t enough time or opportunity. When people speak of the saying “Life’s short, live it” most of the time we don’t realize and take it for granted, the beautiful memories & times we’ve spent with our loved ones is often forgotten or slowly fading as time drifts. In my dark times, I would often end up laying on the carpet, flipping through old photo albums while playing nostalgic music. But there was always one chapter that was missing…


I was never able to see what i looked like as a baby or what i did when i was young, due to economic reasons unfortunately. When my time is almost up, i want to be able to playback my life all over through these videos/photos/memories & just laugh at all the fun and silly experiences I’ve had throughout my lifetime. Till this day I still wished I could see who I was and what I did when I was a kid, now that I’ve learned my lesson, I will not take what I have right now for granted.


I’m currently studying Arts & Commerce in Australia to have a balance of both my creative side and my business side. However, my main focus and where my passion lies strongest has been within film for the last 8 years, I’ve engaged my self in devoting large amounts of my time to understanding the core components of film, gaining both experience, techniques & knowledge on aspects from the pre-production (storywriting, scriptwriting, location/subject scouting, set designs etc) to on production work (Directing, cinematography work, lighting, sound, production) to majority of the post-production work (Editing, VFX editing, Compositing, Sound design etc) This direction has definitely broadened my knowledge & allowed me to express my films with a more skilled & sophisticated layout. 

Next, my plan is to travel the world with everything I’ve earned, one country at a time to broaden my mind and to fulfill my curiosity of this world of ours by immersing myself in different cultures & lifestyles.

Well that’s a tiny bit of me  🙂  Thanks for reading! Would love to get to know you better too and hear what you think of my work!


William (written in 2016)

Other Skills

Programs | Softwares
  • Adobe: Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere & After effects.
  • Microsoft: Word, Excel, Office etc.
  • Davinci Resolve, Magic bullet suites etc.
Licenses | Qualifications
  •  UAV Pilot License (Drone)

Other Licenses

  • Drivers License
  • Boat License
  • Jetski License
  • RSA & RCG License
  • White Card