I’m officially going to start blogging!

Okay so you’re probably wondering why am I, a photographer & filmmaker going to start blogging, are you serious?

Well yeah, I think it’s time to share, I don’t just like to take photos and make films, I also like to tell stories, not just through words but visually too, you’ll see a lot of pictures in my blogs & I’ll try to post as often as I can!


Topics I’ll tend to write about

  • Everything
  • Photography
  • Filmmaking
  • Thinking approaches
  • Thoughts which inspired me
  • Travelling
  • Moments
  • Shortcuts in life


So these blogs could either be a really good idea, or a really bad idea when I look back 20 years later, but it’s all subjective and at least i’ll have something to look back at. I’m not the best writer, nor the best photographer, nor the best at anything really, but I’ll be able to write honestly and give you insight into what I know and give an explanation on why I do everything I am doing, along with my future plans ahead. Think of this as a digital archive of thoughts which could potentially inspire numerous 12 year old’s into creating the next Titantic, ahhh that would be the dream!


Additionally I’d like to hear your thoughts about everything too, my opinions, perspectives, what I plan to do, whether you agree or disagree, I’m open to all ideas as long as you give an explanation of why you think that. I’d love to have my mindset changed, I want to create as much discussion as possible, so tune in if you’re interested as I write about my past, present and future, I want to evoke as many thoughts and hopefully trigger some actions from you to making a difference in this world.

William Wei 05/06/18